These Female Anime Leads are the Best Contenders For 2022’s Best Girl

2022 has been a fantastic year for anime. Fans of the medium received juicy rom-coms, high-tension action, heart-breaking slice-of-life series, and world-class spy comedies. Of course, all the top anime of 2022 has to owe its thanks to the strong female leads who have kept these stories afloat. The ladies undoubtedly stole the show, with loads of female characters standing out not just for their looks, but their personalities as well.

Strong girls like Yor, Makima, Alpha, and more gave many male anime leads a run for their money, while the likes of Anya Forger, Mabel Rayveil, and Anzu Hoshino were quick to melt audiences’ hearts with their wit, character, and strong presence.More Than A Married Couple is one of the highlights of the Fall 2022 anime season, as it introduces a rather bold and straightforward concept in the rom-com world. With loads of love triangles — and even squares — plaguing the show, the breath of fresh air in the series definitely comes from the female lead, Akari Watanabe.

She may look like a typical school bombshell with an airheaded disposition, but she has a certain grace that sets her apart. The best thing about Akari’s character is her confidence as a female and as a person because she’s not going about aimlessly trying to figure out who she is. Akari Watanabe knows exactly who and what she is, and that’s why she isn’t shy to sometimes say things bluntly in front of Jiro, even if she cheekily backs away from them.

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