Top 10 Best Anime Bakers, Ranked

It may be easier to find anime about cooking rather than baking, but there are plenty of characters throughout the medium who know how to whip up a couple of delicious confectionaries. Some of them enrolled in a culinary school to pursue their dreams of becoming professional bakers, while others are just indulging in their hobby every time they create something new.
In Clannad, Sanae Furukawa works at a bakery called Furukawa Bread. She works alongside her husband, Akio. She’s not the greatest baker, but she’s got the spirit and takes her job very seriously. Sanae likes using unconventional ingredients in the bread, some of which make it inedible. She gets emotional if someone doesn’t like it, so some customers will purchase a loaf of bread out of pity for her.

Akio has a knack for making off-color remarks about her concoctions without realizing she’s right behind him, causing her to run away crying. Of course, this means Akio has to chase after her while forcing himself to eat the bread to comfort her.

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