Trashed American Flag Sparks Capitol Hill Kerfuffle

South Florida congressman Brian Mast last week publicly called out his Democratic colleague, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston, after finding an American flag in a bin labeled “trash” near her office during a moving project.
Mast, a Republican who represents St. Lucie and Martin counties and a northern section of Palm Beach County, posted a video of the scene on social media on December 8. The footage shows two flags tucked in a grey plastic bin with moving instructions alongside Jackson Lee’s name.

The bin is marked “trash,” with printed images of half-eaten food and a banana peel.
“So this is a WTF [what the fuck] moment here in the House of Representatives. People are moving offices and this is apparently where Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee keeps her American flag and her [prisoner of war] flag: in the garbage can, in the trash. That’s her idea of appropriate for moving the American flag,” Mast says in the video.

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