Waifu Wednesday: Android 18 (Dragon Ball)

Dragon Ball isn’t usually kind to its female characters. Most either become uninterested in saving the world once they get knocked up, like Videl, or they are completely forgotten about by Toriyama, like Launch. Only Android 18 manages to give the male fighters a run for their money after having a kid, remaining on a level with most of the characters in the show all the way through to the end of Super.

Who is Android 18?
Android 18 Dragon Ball
Like most of the best characters in Dragon Ball, Android 18 starts as a villain. Like her twin brother, she was kidnapped by Dr. Gero and turned into a cybernetic organism against her will. She gained the same kind of superhuman strength and speed that other Dragon Ball characters got, but lost her freedom in the process. Put to sleep by her creator for repeatedly trying to escape and/or kill him, she awakened just in time to beat the Super Saiyan out of Vegeta and scare the other heroes into letting her and her brother go in peace.

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