Waifu Wednesday: Saeko Busujima (High School of the Dead)

Saeko, a.k.a Best Girl, is one of the main protagonists in the series, and one of the main members of the survival group which the show follows. Before the zombie outbreak, Saeko was a third-year student at Fujimi High School and she was also the captain of the school’s Kendo club. As you can probably imagine, her experience makes her an extremely valuable member of the group, as she is the most capable when it comes to fighting.

Throughout the series, Saeko is a calm and collected character who manages to keep her composure despite the terrifying circumstances the characters find themselves in. What’s most impressive about this is that it doesn’t matter how grim the odds are, she never shows any signs of fear or worry — her unbreakable confidence is honestly hot as hell. This already has her standing out from the crowd and is one of the things that made me gravitate toward her.

We soon find out that it’s not just her being the captain of the kendo club that has improved her confidence, but the fact that she has practiced the samurai art of Bushido for her entire life. This way of life she has followed since a young age is what allows her to make the tough decisions and follow through with those choices. It’s also what allows her to control her emotions and stay calm no matter what.

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