What Makes Kill La Kill A Magical Girl Anime

Kill La Kill is a 2013 anime series that is still being debated today. Ground-breaking and controversial, its importance in the world of anime cannot be denied. Love it or hate it, Kill La Kill is not easily ignored.

The series deconstructs a great array of anime stereotypes, breaks gender norms, uses appropriation of sexualization to empower women, addresses fashion and fascism (even playing with the words in Japanese for these two), makes nods to George Orwell’s books 1984 and Animal Farm, and obviously has elements of magical girl anime galore.Though Kill La Kill is never advertised as a magical girl anime, not even once it is said there is magic in its universe, and everything was explained by science by its end, but then again, according to the very definition of magical girls, they do not even need to be magical! It is undeniable that it contains a lot of elements and tropes of magical girl anime. By incorporating elements of magical girl anime and subverting them within its context of storytelling, this unique anime manages to still be extremely relevant almost a decade after it was first aired (2013).
So, even if Kill La Kill is not overtly a magical girl anime in its nature, some magical tropes are incorporated into the narrative to create room for character development and world-building, together with all the criticism this anime series brings to viewers.

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