Which Dragon Ball Character Are You Based On Your MBTI® Type?

The recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie once again reminded fans of the complexity and depth of the characters from Dragon Ball. While the series is well known for its fighting, the characters all have their own distinct personalities that give deeper context and meaning to the battle-heavy anime.

Using the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator®, fans can divide the cast into different psychological profiles. These profiles can help people gain insight into themselves and their tastes and matching them with Dragon Ball characters can even show which one’s fans relate to the most. ESTP – Android 18
Krillin’s wife, Android 18, in the Dragon Ball franchise
ESTP’s are the type of people to get right to the point. They go in with incredible force and a direct approach to problems. They’re also rather loyal and have a tendency to work well in a team.

Android 18 often worked with her brother in a team in the Cell saga and in other arcs with her husband, Krillin. More often than not, though, she crushed problems with overwhelming force.

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