Why Naruto & Hinata Were Always Meant to End Up Together

The Red Thread of Fate, also referred to as the Red Thread of Marriage, the Red String of Destiny, and other variants is an East Asian belief that originated from Chinese mythology, usually thought of as an invisible red string around the fingers of those destined to meet one another eventually because they are their true love, that is, an invisible thread that connects lovers.

The symbology behind the red thread of fate permeates a lot of East Asian entertainment productions, such as the recent webtoon and K-Drama Tomorrow and the anime feature movie Your Name, and it can also explain major points and elements in Naruto and Hinata’s love story. That said, it is not an uncommon trope in anime.Yué Xiá Lǎorén (月下老人, the Old Man Under the Moon), the old lunar matchmaker god, in the Chinese original version of the legend, tied the thread around both parties’ ankles. In the Japanese version, it is traditionally bound from a man’s thumb to a woman’s pinky finger; however, it became more common nowadays to show both parties with the read thread attached to their pinkies.

In Naruto, two points regarding Hinata and Naruto’s connection and relationship that the fandom could deem weird, inconsistent, or even absurd, actually make all sense by considering the culture and reality behind the anime, which was also confirmed in The Last: Naruto The Movie, when, after Naruto’s proposal to Hinata.

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