Yakuza Online x Psycho-Pass Crossover Event Goes Live

Mobile game Yakuza Online (aka Ryu ga Gotoku Online) is getting a crossover with anime series Psycho-Pass. The Yakuza Online x Psycho-Pass event is live in Japan, and runs through December 26, 2022. The crossover will see characters Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami, and others from the show’s cast. Players will also gain a new version of Yakuza: Like A Dragon star Ichiban Kasuga, this time dressed as an Enforcer from the show.

The Yakuza Online x Psycho-Pass event adds seven characters from the anime to the playable roster. All are KSR quality. Players who participate in the event will receive a copy of Akane Tsunemori’s character card through daily login, with extra copies (for limit-breaking) available for meeting event goals. Accomplishing a raid-style quest against Shinya Kogami will reward points that can be redeemed for limited equipment and even existing SSR-quality characters. A Rescue-style quest will pit players against Psycho-Pass villain Shogo Makishima for more equipment. The crossover gacha banner will also feature Enforcer Ichiban Kasuga, who’s dressed like a member of Psycho-Pass‘ Division One, complete with a Dominator handgun.

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