7 Best Anime By Studio Trigger, Ranked

Studio Trigger is a Japanese animation studio that was founded in 2011 by Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Ōtsuka; Both individuals were veterans in the anime community who had a lengthy history with the Gainax animation studio responsible for working on Neon Genesis Evangelion. After the success of Gurren Lagann, Hiroyuki founded Studio Trigger to create […]

Bleach: Will Ulquiorra ever come back?

Bleach fans may be wondering if there is a chance for Ulquiorra Cifer to make an appearance in the future. Formerly ranked fourth in the now-defunct Espada, he is considered a formidable rival to Ichigo Kurosaki. Despite his importance in the story, as well as Tite Kubo’s tendency to bring characters back, Ulquiorra has stayed […]

10 Anime Kids Who Dress To Impress

Japanese anime characters wear all manner of outfits, from military or school uniforms to shabby, casual outfits to sparkling ball gowns and elegant gentlemen’s tuxedos. It’s usually adult and young adult anime characters who dress to impress others, like guests at an evening ball, but sometimes, the kids dress up, too. Young ladies and gentlemen […]

10 Anime Villains Who Still Have A Conscience

Anime villains often act as the embodiment of absolute evil, mercilessly destroying everything in their path. Yet, most antagonists are still human and follow their own moral compass, even if their ideals are not noble or heroic. Villains’ value systems differ from those of the heroes they oppose, leading to a conflict between two sides.Despite […]

Skimming Through the Pages: A Quick Refresher on Bungo Stray Dogs

The Port Mafia. The Mafia functions as the flip side of the Agency and is deeply entrenched in the day-to-day running of the shadier side of Yokohama. Mori Ougai leads them, and one of their chief commanding officers is Chuuya Nakahara, who has a big issue with Dazai. Other significant members include Ryūnosuke Akutagawa and […]

Child’s Play 2: How the ’90s Horror Sequel Paved the Way for Chucky.

Child’s Play set the stage for movies that use possessed toys as their primary antagonist. Nevertheless, Child’s Play 2 is one of the rare sequels that manages to outdo its predecessor in horror, in its plot execution, and character development. It brings back Andy Barclay as Chucky‘s target along with a host of new characters […]

10 smartest characters in Hunter x Hunter, ranked

Essentially, all of the characters in Hunter x Hunter are geniuses in their own right. Some are capable of creating complex battle strategies that accurately predict the thoughts and actions of the opponent and always go off without a hitch. Others can analyze their enemies’ characteristics and thought patterns during a fight to react perfectly […]

Hunter x Hunter 394: What To Expect From The Chapter

In Hunter x Hunter 392, Hinrigh Biganduffno’s underlings, Zakuro Casturd and Lynch Fullbocco were able to track down Hisoka Morrow after an extensive search. Unfortunately for them, this meant bad news for them as in no way were they capable of rivaling Hisoka and his immense strength, especially after his fight against Chrollo Lucilfer. While […]

Hunter X Hunter 397: The Spider Reborn

The past few chapters, starting with chapter 395 have taken the story into the past to explain the formation of the Phantom Troupe and add context to Chrollo Lucilfer‘s past, and chapter 397 seems to conclude this backstory, with all three chapters being named “The Founding.” With each chapter that is being released for Hunter […]

Hunter x Hunter 395: Chrollo Lucilfer’s Past

Hunter x Hunter has now been releasing chapters weekly ever since its return after a 4-year long break that started in November 2018. The author and illustrator of Hunter x Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi, keeps fans on edge with each new chapter and given that the volume is edging closer to its end, things are getting […]