Mooniversity: Sailor Moon R

Welcome back to Mooniversity, our monthly look at all things Sailor Moon. Today we are revisiting Sailor Moon R, the second season of the ’90s anime (which, depending on who you ask, stands for Sailor Moon Return, or Sailor Moon Romance.) Slightly shorter than its predecessor, at 43 episodes (which first aired in Japan from […]

Takahiro Mizushima and Chika Anzai Join the Ghoulish Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun TV Anime

On January 2, it was announced that two new voice actors will be joining the cast of the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Iro Aida’s supernatural manga, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, about a ghost that haunts a toilet in a school. New anime visuals of the characters of Natsuhiko Hyuga and Sakura Nanamine were released alongside the […]

Here’s Why Sailor Pluto Had a Darker Skin Tone Than the Rest of the Sailor Scouts

If you were a Brown girl fan of Sailor Moon growing up, like myself, one of the things you might have instantly noticed in the original anime is Sailor Pluto’s complexion. Compared to the other Sailor Scouts, Sailor Pluto (or Setsuna Meiou) was drawn darker than the other scouts. In the pages of the manga, […]

The 100 strongest Naruto characters, ranked

Naruto is an iconic shonen series. This thread will gather the 100 most powerful characters featured in Masashi Kishimoto’s masterpiece, ranking them from weakest to strongest.While Naruto characters change their strength depending on different power-ups, this ranking will include only the single most powerful version of each character. Moreover, characters from Boruto will not be […]

Naruto’s Konoha 11, Ranked By Reliability

In the anime world of Naruto, trained shinobi are expected to undertake dangerous missions and fight with valor, courage, and discipline. It takes more than advanced jutsu and sharp kunai knives to make a good team — ninjas must also be team players and be highly reliable as well, or the team may fall apart.Any […]

Rent-a-Girlfriend Dating Guide: The Pros and Cons of Each Potential Girlfriend

Rent-A-Girlfriend returns with its second season on July 1. The anime continues to follow college students Kazuya Kinoshita and Chizuru Ichinose as they maintain their fake relationship for the sake of their families. However, Chizuru’s part-time job as a rental girlfriend and Kazuya’s love for his ex-girlfriend makes it difficult for the couple to keep […]

Does Chizuru Have a Boyfriend in Rent-A-Girlfriend?

Chizuru Ichinose, otherwise known as Mizuhara, has a complicated love life. She works as a rental girlfriend, dating one boy after another even though she has no feelings for any of them. Could it be that Chizuru has a boyfriend in Rent-A-Girlfriend, which explains her lack of interest in her clients? In any case, every […]

Rent-A-Girlfriend: Every Major Character’s Age, Height, And Birthday

Fans of romantic comedy anime likely have heard of Rent-A-Girlfriend, perhaps one of the most popular series in the genre to date. It talks of the journey of Kazuya Kinoshita, who has just been dumped for his girlfriend of one month, and his adventures using a “rent a girlfriend” app. In here, he meets Chizuru […]

Rent-A-Girlfriend: 8 Things That Prove Kazuya And Chizuru Are Made For Each Other

Rent-A-Girlfriend follows Kazuya Kinoshita’s life as he rents a girlfriend on a phone app after his girlfriend of one month dumps him. The app is what leads him to meet Chizuru Ichinose (also known as Chizuru Mizuhara) when he rents her for a day. However, following their date together, Kazuya gives Chizuru a one-star rating […]

Van carrying 65 chihuahuas crashes near Vaughn

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Over 50 chihuahuas are now at rescues around New Mexico after being rescued from a dangerous situation. State police say a crash happened early Tuesday morning when a van driven by 40-year-old Missael Rodelo from El Paso veered into oncoming traffic, hitting a tractor-trailer head-on on Highway 54 near Vaughn. Police […]