7 Most Iconic Princesses In Anime, Ranked

Anime fans can find all types of anime princesses thanks to creative anime based on fairy tales and some of the most iconic classic and modern anime shows of all time. While there are plenty of princesses in anime, there are a few special anime princess characters whose pe Cornelia Li Britannia is one of the darkest anime princesses of all time. This beautiful princess cared for and supported most of the smartest decisions of Lelouch. Cornelia was also one of the most skilled fighters of the Royale army who did everything in her power to protect the Holy Empire of Britannia.

She’s also one of the coldest and most ruthless princesses in anime who also has a caring side to her since Cornelia not only cares for her brave knight Guilford but for all Britannia soldiers. Code Geass is one of the most exciting and twistiest anime shows about an exiled prince Lelouch who, after obtaining a mysterious power, secretly starts a rebellion.

Some of these powerful and wise anime princesses could easily defeat even some of the strongest Disney Princesses thanks to their immense magical abilities and martial arts skills. While many of the princesses in anime are brave warriors, there are also those who became some of the most well-known female villains in the anime world.

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