Busy Fairfield Village couple makes time for impressive Nutcracker collection

Several years ago, we in Fairfield Village gained some very nice new neighbors. We had no way of knowing then what an integral part of our community that Nancy and Fred Cyr would become. It is a continuing story as we learn more about this couple who have made such a positive impact in many ways.

Not only does Nancy put together our monthly newsletter, but she also heads up an organization of crafters. Additionally, she is a leader in the Activities Group and serves on the HOA board. It makes one wonder how she finds time for all these community efforts, but she seems to make it all work. Recently, it became obvious when she and husband, Fred, won the outdoor home decoration contest, that they had quite an assortment of Nutcracker figures. That awareness was the motivation for the following photos and bits of information.
It seems that the Cyrs have over 250 of these interesting pieces ranging from a few inches tall to over 3 feet in height. Fortunately, they have a storage unit where these pieces of art can be safely and lovingly kept secure in multiple padded bins.
Nancy remembers fondly how her mother loved these figures and brought one very special one with her when she joined the Cyr’s household in 1996. Both Fred and Nancy became interested and began adding to that original collector’s item.
Nancy said that her German and Swedish heritage played into her interest. The addition of a number of gnome figures in recent years show her Swedish roots; however, the Nutcrackers definitely are the major focus of her Christmas decorations.

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