Contaminated feed probed as cause of 100 cow deaths on Jersey

Government officials on the island of Jersey are still continuing to investigate how 100 Jersey cows on just 1 farm died just before Christmas.
Over the duration of just a few days the 100 cows, part of the main milking herd at Woodlands Farm, fell ill and died, while the young stock and dry cows were unaffected.
Dairy herd feed
It is thought that the feed the cows ate may have been contaminated. The results of samples sent off for analysis are still being processed.
Jersey is a small island in the Channel Islands, just north of France, and is home to the worldwide famous Jersey breed of cattle.

All milk collected from the farm, and other dairy farms on that particular day, amounting to 33,000 litres, was disposed of as a precaution.
Eamon Fenlon, managing director of Jersey Dairy, said: “Everyone at Jersey Dairy is totally devastated with what has happened at Woodlands Farm and our thoughts are with he Le Boutillier family and all their team at this very tragic time.
“Losing part of a herd like this is heart-breaking. We can’t imagine how difficult this is for Charlie, his family and all at Woodlands. Words cannot express the heartache we feel for them, and we cannot begin to understand the shock that they must be feeling.
“We hope they can find the strength and guidance to bring them through this difficult and tragic time. We are very grateful to all who rallied around over the weekend to help at Woodlands in this time of need. It was heartening to see that community spirit.”

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