Darling in the Franxx Episode 2 Review: What It Means to Connect

After his kiss with Zero Two, Hiro can’t remember how he piloted Strelizia. His fellow Parasites can’t believe that he piloted a Franxx and are wondering if Zero Two defeated the Klaxosaurs by herself. Ichigo (code 015) is really worried that Hiro might get hurt again, this time by Zero Two, and volunteers to be his partner for his last ability test allowing him to board her Franxx, Delphinium. As Zorome (code 666) and Hiro had a fight before, Zorome gladly volunteers to be his opponent for this mock fight and changes Miku’s (code 390) mind to join him. So the mock battle between Delphinium and Argentea begins. Hiro can control Delphinium for a short time but fails to fully connect with Ichigo after a collapse, even though she kisses him like Zero Two did.

This ‘connecting’ stuff is really bad for me. I am the person that thinks rather ambiguous. So, when they are talking about connection and then posing like they’re up to something… totally different, it just blew my mind. And then the girls do slightly moan too when their partners connect with their minds. I mean how do the girls control a Franxx in that position. It must be tiring and also embarrassing, having the boys behind them and steering the Franxx like steering a horse. Oh, I forgot, they don’t seem to know anything about boy-girl relationships. The first words in Episode 1, which Hiro didn’t understand were the words ‘kiss’ and ‘darling’. I kind of have a feeling that there are two worlds clashing. One world, which is ‘normal’, knows what is going on in the wide world. People from the ‘normal’ world know what relationships are and the meanings of words like ‘kiss’. Examples for this world are Dr. Franxx and Zero Two. And then we’ve got the other world, which doesn’t know anything about relationships and whatsoever, the parasites. I don’t know anything about them, but for ‘normal’ girls it should be quite embarrassing posing like that in front of a guy. It is because they don’t know that it should be embarrassing.

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