Episode 2 Review: What It Means to Connect

After his kiss with Zero Two, Hiro can’t remember how he piloted Strelizia. His fellow Parasites can’t believe that he piloted a Franxx and are wondering if Zero Two defeated the Klaxosaurs by herself. Ichigo (code 015) is really worried that Hiro might get hurt again, this time by Zero Two, and volunteers to be his partner for his last ability test allowing him to board her Franxx, Delphinium. As Zorome (code 666) and Hiro had a fight before, Zorome gladly volunteers to be his opponent for this mock fight and changes Miku’s (code 390) mind to join him. So the mock battle between Delphinium and Argentea begins. Hiro can control Delphinium for a short time but fails to fully connect with Ichigo after a collapse, even though she kisses him like Zero Two did.


In order for the parasites to connect with their Franxx, each pilot has to first undress, put on a special underwear, and then change into a suit sprayed (?) onto their bodies.

Fun Facts
Franxx’ faces only appear if the pair’s minds could connect. Female pilots control face ‘muscles’.
Single-digit code names, like Zero Two’s 002 seem to be rare.
Plants are stronger than we thought.
Futoshi is only eating.
Characters and Franxx

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