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Adventure Time: 6 Times Princess Bubblegum Was the Real Villain

The popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time is set in a dystopian world where magic and monsters reign. During the opening credits, bombs are scattered across the land, kingdoms made from natural elements are shown, a vampire makes an appearance, and then Finn and Jake close the scene. For many seasons, Finn and Jake’s dungeon adventures are centered […]

Adventure Time Has An Extraordinary Setting

Originally airing on Cartoon Network, Adventure Time’s abundant popularity allowed it to run for 10 seasons. The series follows the life of a human named Finn and his companion, a magical dog named Jake. The pair spends their time traveling through the Land of Ooo and thwarting evil. As Finn and Jake go on their adventures, fans of […]

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Series Coming to HBO Max

HBO Max has ordered Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake straight to series. The new show will follow Fionna and her magical cat Cake in a brand new, half-hour animated series.Fionna and Cake were first introduced in the third season of Adventure Time as female versions of Finn and Jake. The musical episode also included alternate […]